Wait! Where did the forums go?!

Sup all?

As you’ve noticed the forums have gone, Don’t freak out just yet! Before we explain what’s going let us just explain whats going on with the staff.

TippiE sadly doesn’t have the time to focus fully on C-C anymore but remains the owner and won’t be selling the site or closing it down.

K3V, This N!NJA doesn’t leave, He checks in daily so respect for K3V.

This leaves WD, He doesn’t come on that often now but comes in and does the odd update or fixes stuff.

And now our plan for Crazy-Coderz, We have decided to move the forum to: Forum.Crazy-Coderz.com

The forums are now private and we will allow some of the original forums/sections to come back, The forums are now going to be invite only, A mod for this will be added in due course.

This allows us to focus on making Crazy-Coderz main page a resources site, PHP tutorials, Coding, And Design. We’re currently looking into a new modern style for the blog which in turn will be applied to the forums.

For the loyal members who have remained we give a heartfelt thanks. <3